RB-F Series

5-Axis Double Column
Machining Centers

RB-F 5-Axis Series

Large capacity 5-Axis simulteneous machining

The RB-F Series of 5 axis profilers boasts massive spindlehead and ram perfect for demanding multi-angle machining and simultaneous 5 axis contouring. They are the ideal choice for machining a variety of parts including complex molds and dies, aircraft parts and engine blocks. Their wide range of capabilities reduces the need for special tooling and fixtures.

  • Massive spindlehead and ram
    -perfect for demanding multi-angle machining and simultaneous 5 axis contouring
  • Highly rigid heat treated, steel welded frame structure
    -makes high speed precision machining possible
  • Large table work surfaces and extra-large X and Y axis travel
    -permits the machining of large or long workpieces
  • High power and high speed spindle drive motor combines with high feedrates
    -makes highly efficient machining possible
  • 5 axis control capability
    -reduces the number of work setups and provides stable machining accuracy
    -slashes costs for jigs and tooling
  • Fully enclosed splash guard (option)
    -ensures a clean work environment and enhances operator safety

RB-F 5-Axis Series Specifications