High Performance Machines

for Construction Industry Manufacturing


Extra-Large Capacity Double Column 5-Face Machining Centers

  • Extra-large capacity and extreme power streamlines machining of virtually any size workpiece utilized in large construction and mining industry manufacturing
  • Wide variety of attachments maximizes machine flexibility and improves productivity
  • Fully automated, temperature controlled lubrication system minimizes thermal displacement
  • Conversational type automatic programming system allows for easy operation by facilitating five-face machining programming

Table Size (W x L): 59″ x 157″ to 236″ x 1,141″
Distance from Table to Spindle End: 68″ to 314″
Table Load Capacity: 33,075 to 132,300 lbs
Also available in larger sizes



Extra-Large Capacity Gantry Type Double Column 5-Face Machining Centers

  • Generous spindle to table distances
  • Available in fixed and moving crossrail (W-Axis) models
  • High-productivity Dual Work Zone design permits work set-up on one zone while machining work on other zone
  • AAC and ATC designed to service both work zones


High Speed, High Power Double Column 5-Face Machining Centers

  • Power and capacity to handle tough cutting conditions. Ideal for castings and forgings
  • Wide selection of attachments simplify machining of large multi-faceted components and deep cavities
  • Heavy duty Z-Axis design incorporates twin ball screws for unrivaled rigidity and accuracy

Table Size (W x L): 59″ x 118.1″ to 157.5″ x 315.0″
Distance from Table to Spindle End: 70.6″ to 157.0″
Table Load Capacity: 33,000 to 88,000 lbs


Large Capacity Double Column 5-Face Machining Centers

  • Extra-wide and extra-long tables
  • Attachments designed for machining large multi-faceted workpieces and deep cavities
  • Cost-effective choice for large component machining


Special Purpose, Dual Spindle Horizontal Machining Cell

  • 2 opposing spindles simultaneously machine both sides of workpiece
  • Ideal for machining construction equipment components
  • 5-face machining capability with available indexing table and 90 degree spindle attachments


Large Capacity Turning Centers

  • Rigid structure with flat, wide beds built for heavy cutting
  • High-precision headstock with thermal balance function
  • Adjustable control panel for operator convenience
  • Ideal for a wide variety of turning processes
  • Large diameter built-in center standard on tailstock

EVER Series

Gantry Mills

  • Compact design saves floor space
  • High-rigidty
  • Flexible in application
  • Exceptional acceleration and speed


Horizontal Milling Centers

  • Ideal for machining complex surfaces
  • High-volume chip removal
  • Available with traversing table as well as rotary table
  • Compact design, full enclosure