High Performance Machines Tools

for Rail Industry Manufacturing



Gantry Mill

  • The ultimate machine for Bogie Frame machining
  • High-productivity Dual Work Zone design permits work set-up on one zone while machining on other zone
  • AAC and ATC designed to service both work zones


5-Face Machining Center

  • Extra-wide and extra-long table
  • Attachments designed for machining tight workpiece areas and varied faces found on Bogie Frames
  • Cost-effective choice for Bogie Frame machining

HGM Gantry Series

  • Perfect for machining large multi-faceted parts
  • Extraordinary 2,400 ipm feedrates
  • Simultaneous 5-axis contouring capability
  • High-power, high-speed spindle

EVER Series

Gantry Mills

  • Compact design saves floor space
  • High-rigidity
  • Flexible in application
  • Exceptional acceleration and speed

TRT 314

Horizontal Machining Center

  • Ideal for machining complex surfaces
  • High-volume chip removal
  • Available with traversing table as well as rotary table
  • Compact design, full enclosure

WL 1100

Wheel Thread Lathe

  • Performs automatic machining in a single set-up
  • Easy workpiece loading and unloading
  • Simultaneous machine threading capability of both L/R wheels available

VT 1100

Vertical Lathe

  • Performs Boring, Turning and Honing
  • Ideal for turning of wheel faces and boss holes
  • Small footprint

Wheel Center Lathe

  • Saves time – Can process wheel assemblies without removal of Brake Disk, Gearbox and even 1 wheel

Brake Disk Lathe

  • Simultaneous machining of left and right brake disk surfaces assures optimum parallelism
  • Features automatic processing system including automatic measurement

Automatic Rail Machining System

  • Designed for continuous rail processing
  • Dynamic Automatic Fixtures assure interference-free machine performance
  • Rail stocker autoloader for trouble-free continuous operation

Rail Bend CorrectionSystem

  • Extra long table accommodates long rail sections
  • Special shaped tooling and robust fixturing permits machining with a high-torque spindle
  • SNK “Bend Correction Function” automatically measures the amount of rail bend to milling required