Linx Gantry Series

High-Speed Gantry Profilers

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Linx Gantry Series

Lightning fast, profit driven machining of medium to large components

Linx Gantry milling machines are the ideal choice for demanding industries including automotive, mold/die, transportation, energy and general machining. High-speed linear motors drive the ultra rigid crossbeams at amazing speeds to dramatically cut production times. A variety of design configurations and wide choice of interchangeable spindles are available to meet exact customer requirements.
  • Maximum performance in speed and acceleration
    -flexibility in application; ideal for a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, cast iron, titanium and composites
    –  ideal for composites machining thanks to continuous 5-axis high speed interpolation, high speed spindles and efficient dust suction
    – reduced maintenance due to the elimination of mechanical wear components
  • Excellent ergonomics maximizes operator safety and convenience

Linx Specifications