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Introducing SNK’s PRO Series high-speed 5-axis machining centers. Designed to meet the aerospace industry’s growing demand for monolithic components, these revolutionary machines enable a quantum leap forward in the machining of medium-to-large complex aluminum aerospace parts. Their powerful, high-speed spindles combined with blazing rapid feedrates take metal removal rates and productivity to new heights while maintaining SNK’s long-standing tradition of solid value. Enhanced axes movements allow for expanded 5-axis simultaneous contouring capability. Available in sizes to suit your requirements.


■ Powerful, high-speed Spindles
-choice of 114 hp 20,000 rpm or 134 hp 30,000 rpm -outstanding metal removal rates
■ Wide A and C Axes Movement
-A-axis +/-100 deg; C-axis continuous -enhanced 5-Axis simultaneous machining capability and back-angle cutting
■ 1,575 in/min rapid feed boosts productivity
■ Horizontal design for unrivaled chip evacuation
-optimizes tool life -minimizes thermal distortion due to chip build-up
■ SNK’s exclusive DCS-VII Aero Software
-high-speed, high-precision machining with unparalleled surface finishes
■ Ultra-rigid pallet support and clamping system
-unparalleled rigidity under heavy cutting loads -optimizes accuracy and surface finishes -enables heavier pallet load capacity
■ External Tilting Table Pallet Load Station
-side delivery system enables multiple machine pallet feed -tilting table design simplifies workpiece loading/unloading -flexible floor plan layouts to suit your facility
■ Flexible system expansion capability
-add machines as your needs grow -no need to purchase additional palletizing stations