• How Our Customer Gained Two Days Using Niigata Tool IQ

    Using a total of 39 tools, our customer was experiencing a machining process with excessive wait-time. Among the tools used in the process, the majority were doing very little work with minimal time in cut. Tool cycle times ranged from 34 to 116 seconds. With such short cycle times, the tool magazine had a tough time keeping up and the machine would have to wait for the ATC. Anyone undergoing similar processes can relate to watching the spindle waiting helplessly for the next available tool to arrive. It is the sum of these small losses in productivity that erodes the profitability of thousands of manufacturers. SNK America provided a solution called “ATC IQ”, which required only 2 hours of our service team’s time to install on a Niigata SPN-701. After installing the ATC IQ and making the minor adjustments in the part program, the cycle time was successfully reduced from 34 minutes to 28 minutes 32 seconds. This reduction in cycle time was possible as tool staging was more efficient with Niigata’s ATC IQ Technology. With just a single 8 hour shift 5 days per week, this results in nearly 16 hours of gained productivity per month. Said differently, this provides an additional 24 shifts per year. Imagine the impact this would have across multiple machining centers running 2 or 3 shifts! If you are a current Niigata user or are considering a new horizontal machining center, contact our applications team today so you can begin raising your productivity immediately.

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    Requirements for implementation:

    Niigata service needed to review and modify the machine’s ladder (1.5 hours)
    NC program modification for ATC-IQ (15 minutes)

    Difference in Programming

    Standard Tool Call
    T01 (Tool Call)
    M06 (Tool Change)
    T33 (Tool Stage)

    ATC-IQ Tool Call
    T00010033 (0001=Tool Call / 0003=Tool Stage)
    M06 (Tool Change)

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