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    Industry: Aerospace Workpiece/Application: Structural Component Material: Forged Ti-6Al-4V (35.00x8.50x3.25) Machine: Niigata HN80D-II-Ti Challenge: Slot Machining in Titanium SNK America was approached by a large tier one aircraft supplier in need of a better solution to machine Titanium aircraft structures. Existing processes were no longer sufficient to meet the cost and quality demands required to be competitive in todays’ aerospace manufacturing market. Proposing a successful solution would result in a multi-machine multi-phase purchase. The subject part is a Titanium forging that measures 35” in length with the key feature being a 1” wide slot 32” along its length that reaches a depth of 2” with corner radii of 0.15” along the bottom. This is the most crucial and cycle-time consuming aspect of the machining process. The customer’s previous process required two passes with a cycle-time of 20 min. 31 sec., and less than optimal tool life. Using Niigata’s HN80D-II-Ti (Titanium/Hard Metal) HMC at SNK America’s Tech Center, we were able to machine the slot in a single pass, in 6 min. 35 sec., with an impressive 68% savings on cycle time. The HN80D-II-Ti features a heavy duty 40HP, high torque, 4-range geared spindle which outputs 1,438 Ft·lbs of torque. This heavy duty spindle is paired with Niigata’s vibration damping Box-Way design. A combination that makes easy work of this extremely challenging machining process. The HN80D-II-Ti also showcases additional features to support the demands of hard metal machining, such as increased axis thrusts, high table clamping pressure, and enhanced coolant systems that are critical for production machining of difficult materials such as Titanium. An 8 Inch, 16 tooth Slot Mill was utilized at 80 RPM (165 SFM). Cutting feedrate was 5.60 IPM 0.0045 IPT to utilize the available torque of the Niigata spindle. Compared to the customer’s former process at 80 RPM and 3.15 IPM 0.0025 IPT. For more information contact SNK America Sales

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    HN80D-II-Ti Cell System
    Component Machining on Niigata’s HN80D-II-Ti
    Niigata’s HN80D-II-Ti in SNK America’s Tech Center
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