• Green-Manufacturing
    Maximum Green If there is one simple idea that has framed and guided all of Tech Manufacturing’s process... Read Case Study
  • How Our Customer Gained Two Days... NIIGATA Intelligent Tool IQ can be retrofitted to reduce cycle times and increase production... Read Case Study
  • Gaining Capabilities with a Five Face ... Marvel Manufacturing needed additional machining capabilities to handle larger sized parts and increased capacity. Read Case Study
  • The Benefits of 5-Sided Machining
    The Benefits of 5-Sided Machining Understanding the applications, efficiencies and benefits of 5-face machining technology... View Presentation
  • Multi Function Machining As machine tool builders, we are continually targeting the design of our equipment to be aligned... Read Case Study
  • SNK DCS Proprietary 5-Axis Software In the early days of 5-axis profiling for aerospace structures, the physical limitations of machinery was halting progress... Read Case Study
  • Abbott Workholding Products Abbott Workholding Products was faced with the need to address a number of production issues related to its aging lineup of horizontal machining centers... Read Case Study
  • Niigata LPM & APC Systems The Niigata Cell System can handle an array of configurations depending on customer needs. Both single-level rail guided systems... Read Case Study
  • Taking Titanium Seriously If you machine titanium, particularly large titanium components, you need a machine structurally designed for this notoriously difficult... Read Case Study
  • Niigata’s ATC Intelligent Tool Queue Intelligent Tool Queue for quick-cycle tools yields Faster Production and Higher Output. Read Case Study
  • Big Inspection SNK RB-F Today, the newest and largest machining center in the shop is an SNK 5-Axis Bridge Type machining center with 167 inches of X-axis... Read Case Study
  • HN80D High Feed Milling Faster cycle time, bigger work envelope, heavy weight capacity, better tool life. Read Case Study
  • Reducing Setups in Aerospace Machining A complex five-axis part with hard-to-reach datums is machined in two setups instead of eight. Read Case Study
  • HN80D-II-Ti Slot Machining in Titanium SNK America was approached by a large tier one aircraft supplier in need of a better solution to machine Titanium aircraft structures. Read Case Study
  • Aerospace Machining Methods While the disciplines the shop put in place made a new 15,000-rpm profiler dramatically more productive, high speed machining would... Read Case Study
  • Stepping Up to 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Contour Engineering recently added an SNK HPS-120B, 5-axis high speed machining center to their already impressive quiver of machines. Read Case Study
  • Accuracy in 5-Axis Machining The accuracy of this shop's five-axis gantry-type profiler helped it land the job of machining the engine-bay doors for the F/A-22. Read Case Study
  • Tinker AFB New materials and improved part manufacturing help maintain and upgrade aging military aircraft. Read Case Study
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