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SPN Series horizontal machining centers from NIIGATA are designed for power and speed. They feature a powerful stationary column/spindle moving inside a rigid box frame. High capacity roller bearings deliver outstanding travel speeds while NIIGATA’s unique Intelligent ATC Tool IQ System and Synchronous Swing Motion auto tool changing system shortens tool change times-even handling heavy tools with ease. Combine high speed and precision with a proven track record of performance and reliability: it is easy to see why the SPN Series does it all. The SPN Series is available in three sizes and are cell and system ready. The newest addition to the SPN line-up-the high performance SPN503-combines great features like a generous work zone and exceptional feedrates with all of the qualities you’ve come to expect from NIIGATA. Accuracy, precision and value-the SPN Series is the perfect choice for job shops, automotive or any industry where speed, precision and optimum throughput are a must.


■ Innovative Casting Design
-industry’s most rigid “T-shaped” base enabling use of 3-point contact with floor for more accurate machining
■ Synchronous Swing Motion (SSM) ATC
-provides years of dependable performance
■ Tool IQ Intelligent ATC System
-“Next Tool” call up system reduces tool change wait times by as much as 20%
■ Stationary Column Design
-provides dependable, repeatable long-term stability
■ 8,000, 12,000 and 15,000 rpm Spindle Speeds
-gives you the choice to perfectly match your application
■ Ultra Rigid and High Load Roller Guide Way System
-enhances rigidity on the X, Y and Z axes
-Rigid design of the axes and their drives virtually eliminates deflection even under the heaviest cutting loads-especially for the Y-axis.